At Health & Wellness Associates, Inc we are proud to offer U.S. designed, developed and manufactured lines of cutting-edge, patent-pending, best-of-breed, formulated supplements, addressing the most common ailments and health objectives.


Formulations were designed based upon the results of years of studies, scientific and clinical research. The foundation ingredients are proprietary blends of herbs and nutrients, providing what we believe are the most potent and effective results.


My journey on launching Health & Wellness Associates, Inc began after experiencing years of continuous debilitating ailments. Traditional medicines only seemed to temporarily mask the symptoms. I was in search of a better quality of life.


Understanding there is no panacea rather mitigation at best I set out on a quest. It was not just understanding the medical aspects from a layperson’s perspective, but sociological as well. While as humans we have certain common characteristics there are unique disparities both biological and physiological. What may work for one may have significant inverse effects on others.

It’s true that traditional medications often have no alternative for certain conditions. While many profess the accolades of nutrients, herbs and holistic approaches they do need further research. But even properly medicated it doesn’t give one carte blanche to abuse their body, relying on the medication to solve all. Our mission should be inflicting as little stress on ourselves as possible, both physically and mentally. It is well researched that our state of mind and being can have severe negative effects and exacerbate underlying conditions.


With all-natural ingredients as a solid foundation, we began formulating a line of dietary supplements. The next question was how to improve upon this significant consensus building block. Our panel of experts determined no need to reinvent the wheel. There are numerous traditional supplements, which are well received, supported by clinical studies for specific concerns. Common sense told us the combination of popular supplement ingredients together with the best absorption methods would result in a win-win.

Success in the formulation aspects were just the first of our goals. We followed up with strict standards of purity, quality ingredients, which were consistent. We look forward to expanding our line based upon analysis of markets and trends.

We believe that achieving healthcare goals is not simply a dietary task rather multi-faceted. Nutrition is but one aspect, requiring unification of mind, body & soul. They are all interrelated as physical, biological and mental affect each other in more ways than one can imagine.